Division of Property

Hi All, My Grandfather inherited property from his father, which was a piece of agriculture land but now is being used for living purposes . Now this land belongs to my grandfather according to khasras and khatauni . My grandfather have 3 sons and 3 daughters .He divided this piece of property in 4 shares. 3 shares was divided into 3 sons respectively and 4th share was with my grandfather. This partition is not registered. it was a mutual partition usually that happens in middle class families. Current situation: My grandfather is ill and he made a registered will of his share to my father.Currently we are staying with our grandfather in his share. we are staying for past 2 years. he doesn't want to give his share to his daughters. He want to give his share to my father. We also tried for gift deed but there is a high court stay on entire piece of land due to another rental dispute between my uncle and a shopkeeper. Please Kindly help I have some questions 1) can daughters ask for their shares in this property. 2) Is this an ancestral property. 3) does high court stay make will illegal. 4) how can we continue staying in this home, we don't have any other house to live in. Thank You