Defence against false complaint filed by wife in CAW cell.

Dear sir, I got married in Feb.2003. In May 2003 she pressurized me to be separate from my parents and we started to live on Ist floor of our home with separate kitchen that is continued till date. In Aug.2005 it took birth our son out of this wedlock. She never served my old aged parents of 80 years old and I am a single son with seven sisters all are married and live in their houses. In these 12 years she left my home 7-8 times and went to her parents and always after many efforts rejoined me with the interference of respectable known persons of society. In 2008 I filed a case in our SDJM court to rejoin her to me. After my case she made a false complaint of dowry and violence to DSP but again she rejoined me after interference of people. Then I withdraw my case. Again in may 2013 she went to her parents and made a false complaint of dowry and violence to DSP. Police harrased me for giving custody of my son to her. Then I again filed a case in our SDJM court against there forceful action to take custody of son. After my case she filed a domestic violence and dowry case in their concerned SDJM court. Again with interference of people she rejoined me and withdrew of her case and I withdrew mine. I took a copy of her complaint to DSP against RTI. They gave their conclusion that allegations of violance made by her have not been found true in enquiry and hence the complaint is being consigned. Now again she left my home and filed a domestic violence and dowry case in CAW Cell against me and my parents and falsely alleged me that when I visited USA this year for four months as a visitor I got married to any girl there. The lady officer of CAW Cell is listening her false allegations. And gave us date to appear after one week. Now Plz. Guide me what should I do. Can we file a complaint against her for false complaint made by her on basis of previous complaint report which is proved as not true. And if yes then should I file in judicial court or to police and at which level of court or police.