Can I Divorce

Hi, my name is dilip from Faridabad. my marriage on may 2013, in my village balosore orrissa. after marriage a week my does not relation with me. i say her family and my family. but her family say leave her for six month on her we leave he r. after six month her mother leave home.but they does not talk with me and cry. if i shout on her she say they have cut there hand or eat poison. My mother lightly ask her problem then she say they have another boyfriend in her village and relation with two years and marriage with him. but her mother torcher her and jabardasti marriage with me. so our family decide him no one believe in this matter. so we record her all talks and call recording which she talk her boyfriend. his boyfriend promise for marriage. Then she force my family to leave her or then they complaint in police station for dowry or torcher case. So my family spook and after three month we go our village and talk her mother and father but they did not believe that. after play record and video of evidence. she family take her silencly and do not work any paper work or court. and does not any case by her. after one year her family force her to take her back but she does not want come. today we have no proof of girl id but evidence all. i have no phisicall relationship with her before and after marriage. can i divorce her.