Hi, This is Yamini Sahni from Gorakhpur. I have been staying in Delhi-NCR for a couple of years and am an employee of a media organisation. I have been forcefully married off by my family to a person whom I love. Despite my several attempts to stop the wedding, my father threatened me with dire consequences. He physically assaults my mother and sisters, who were against this marriage and are on my support. It is not that I did not convey my thoughts to my husband before marriage. I did tell him that I'm not happy with the decision. But he too at that time threatened me of comitting suicide and stuffs. Even after marriage, I stayed only for 3 days with my husband with no physical relationship. And then I returned back to Noida and joined office. After that there has been no going back. But now the thing is I want divorce, which he along with my father is not agreeing to it. My father abuses my mother and siblings and treats them very bad. Other relatives too have been threaning me, my mother and sisters that they would kill us. I feel I have my right to choose the life I want to live. And I need help to file divorce.