Require urgent legal advice

Date: - 24 Sep 2015 Respected Sir, I would like to bring the following facts to your kind notice:- (1) I am Manohar Singh S/O Late Shri Amar Singh From Village- Gadyara,PO- Golwan,Tehsil- Lad-Bharol,Dist- Mandi Himachal Pradesh-175032, serving in Indian Navy recently transferred from Mumbai to Kochi on 20 May 2015, presently posted on board Indian Naval Ship Sharda at Kochi in kerala (3) Sir, I got remarried on 05 Jun 2014 after getting ex-party divorce from my previous wife Neeta Devi vide Bandra Family Court Order. But as per investigation carried out by Indian Navy, this ex-party divorce order is found forged. (4) Sir, I am being suffered from the very start of my previous marriage which took place on 17 Feb 2002. In fact, she is the lady who was in love with someone and married to me forcibly. By the time I could realize it she was pregnant of my child .It was a big shock to me but I have to compromise to myself thinking that it was in my fate. She feels all right when she is at her parental home and when she comes to my home, she starts behaving like having some mental disorders. She always behaved according to the situations which benefit her. Sir I had tried my best to help her out medically even I got full support from naval doctors for this but she never took medicines. She was leaving with me wherever I got postings (Goa,Vizag and Mumbai) but hardly for at least three years from the date of my marriage till Feb 2010. Sir I had given her all the amenities of life which I could afford. But I always found her having ill intentions towards me. I had complained about this to Gram Panchayat and to naval authorities in 2007. Navy also tried its best to give her medical help but she never co-operated. She was also provided with counseling by naval medical team. My commanding officer had requested her mother to come to vizag to help her daughter in her medication. Her mother came to vizag after repeated requests from me and my CO and met with my Commanding Officer but she declined to stay with me and took her daughter to her home on 25 Feb 2010 leaving me and my kids in lurch. And did not come back to me thereafter. Moreover, it was the decision which was taken by my Commanding Officer on behalf of her mother & brother to take her to her parental home for her treatment for three months and did not come back after the expire of three months. Thus they cheated not only me but navy officials also and filed fabricated court case against me in Joginder nagar session court in himachal Pradesh where I was not heard properly even I have audio and video recordings of my ex-wife. Moreover I could not attend some of hearings as I was leaving with my old age mother and kids in Mumbai at that time. (5) Sir ,in spite of my complaints to gram panchayat and navy, she won over the fabricated domestic violence act and 125 crpc. I have been directed by court orders to pay Rs 5000 per month as alimony to Neeta Devi (ex-wife)(Rs 3000 for domestic violence act and Rs 2000 for 125 crpc). Moreover I am still not paying it as it is being considered in naval HQ in Delhi. Also her advocate’s repeated letters to navy has created confusion over its calculations. Navy has sent a letter to the Joginder Nagar session court in Himachal Pradesh for clarification which is still awaited. (5) Sir, in view of the above, I had taken a legal step and had discussed my case with a lady advocate Purvi Shah (leaving at 304/B Suman Apts,Orlem Tank Road, Malad West Mumbai – 400 064,Mob No [deleted]) giving her service at Bandra family court. And as per her advice I agreed to file a case for divorce in Bandra Family Court but that lady advocate given me forged divorcé paper charging me rupees fifty thousands. On the basis of that ex-party divorce order I got remarried for urgently required mom to my kids. (6) Sir, therefore, it is my humble request/pray as follows:- (a) How to take appropriate action against advocate Purvi Shah. (b) how my divorce case be reconsidered again in the same court. (c) Seek your kind guidelines related to my case. (7) Sir, I am in agony since my marriage and in a burst situation of my mind. Please contact me if you require additional information or have any questions. Hope you will do the needful favorably at the earliest to save me and my children. Thanks and regards Yours Sincerely Manohar Singh POSTD P,No 154041-W Pamba 2B Mundamvelli Ramshwaram Kochi,Kerala-862507 Mob No [deleted] Email-