Issue with Digital assets like domain/website

Hello, I am facing an issue related to a website domain with my previous company which I held a share for nearly an year and played role of technical head for the company. I own a website domain from past 2 years which I purchased from an authorized Indian domain registrar for my personal use(I personally planned to open an e-commerce website) even before joining this organization. Since I am a share holder and based on my very good friendly relationship with my partners I started using the domain for the company purposes, my partners have even registered a payment gateway on the name of the same company to run e-commerce activities and this all happened with my very knowledge. But there was no written documentation that I am officially selling my domain to the company or assigned the domain to the company in any way. Now after working in this company for an year I have quit the job due to some business ideology difference among our partners and they are still running business on my domain and earning some good sales. Since it is my personal domain I am considered that as my digital asset and proposed the company to buy it from me in order for them to continue doing business on my domain. But they are resisting to buy for the price I proposed (which they felt as an unrealistic price) and even not willing to give my domain back. Sideways they started abusing me orally that I am a cheater and also that I am not caring the personal relationships. I doubt they even would start threatening me in some time. My thinking is all that my domain is my asset and if they want to use they have to pay me or else leave it to me professionally. Now my doubt is that Can I consider this website domain as my personal digital asset and put it on sale without anyone's consent, specially in this case? If they force me to give away the domain for free, can I proceed legally against them? Thanks in advance for any advice that you would share.