Cheating in Land aquisition

Sir, Ours is small Construction company. Our company awarded the work through PWD on BOT basis. In this case some of villagers cheated to our company, local villagers provide Grampanchayat Dakhala that that person having Kabja on Gurucharan Land.Our Company HO Office Located In Kolhapur city. Work going in Gramin area. People cheated to company get the payment by cheque and same cheque was addressed to particular name but encash on others account. Now company want to lodge the FIR in Kolhapur City Police station where located, but cheque fraud at Gramin bank. Fraud happened other than Kolhapur city Police juridiction. it is necessary to lodge the complaint where fraud happened. Can we lodge the FIR at Kolhapur City Police station where Companies HO located. If yes the let me guided under which law we can press to Police police station where our office located. Kolhapur City Police avoid to lodge the FIR with reason of jurisdiction . Becase cheque issued from issue alright, but encash in other juridiction. Pleaselet me guide. Uday P Joshi