Money paid for land neither registering land nor giving money

Hello Sir , I have purchased a open plot in karimnagar from a real estate broker whose office near to my home. The property is of worth 9+ Lakhs. I have paid 7 lakhs ( 3Lakhs my wife took loan from a bank) to him already on first week of February 2015 as he said the registration will be done in two to three days. But after that he said the owner of the land is not here and requested for some time . almost after two months he said there is some issue with the land and he has been saying some stories every time like I met with an accident , I am out of station ,not picking up phone for few days, The owner is of land is out of station etc.... so I asked him to return back my money he said he will give back money in 1 month time if he fail to make registration of the land. Now it is almost 9 months but every time we go he says something and escapes. I have no hopes he will give back money or register the land. My self and My father going around him for 100s of times and every time he is making us fools. I have the document (100rs stamp paper) which shows the amount and the date when I gave him. I have one more document where he wrote and signed, if he fails registration he will pay back my money . and also I have his conversation which tells he agreed to pay money with 2 percent interest. though principle amount is fine for me. Please advice as my friends are saying if I go to police station or court it will take years to get back your money. I am confused and depressed the money is very hard earned and stopped all my luxuries to give some support to my daughter for her future. Thank you sir.