My Lawyer -Back Stabbing

Dear Experts, 1. I have filed RCR before 2years and my wife dragged the case for more than 1 year 2. That time itself i asked my lawyer to file visitation rights for my child but he denied saying some reasons like "we will do on next hearing", "If we do that , case will get dragged and you wont rejoin your wife again".Now i understood he had been influenced by opposite lawyer. 3. I changed my lawyer 3 months ago , not pressed my RCR and filed divorce under cruelty of not showing the child,etc., and 2 years separation. 4. On the first hearing of my divorce case,I filed my child visitation petition as an IA 5. My wife accepted for MCD(but not ready for reunion) and demanded completely child custody.One fine day I not pressed divorce case and filed MCD petition.First motion is done. 6. My new lawyer has also been influenced now based on the below facts: He did not show the MCD petition to me and on the final moment, inside the court he got my signature in petition and vakklath and filed.I have not completely readout the petition even. He forced me to withdraw my divorce case before my child visitation petition is numbered and he emotionally blackmiled saying "if you contest you wont get divorce before 4 years" and "you cannot see your child even if you file visitation petition,they will get stay at high court if judgement is given". He was behaving differently on my first hearing of divorce case and only on my compeltion he gave child visitation petition inside. While withdrawing my divorce petition, Judge said my lawyer "They have put counter".I didnt understand completely.When i asked my lawyer, he didnt respond properly. Initially he told "get the MCD judgement and then you can file GWOP with visitation rights".But now he is telling "No, you should not file GWOP/Visitation rights even with other lawyers after getting MCD judgement". He forced me not to file visitation rights as an IA in the 1st motion of my MCD and told "If you file visitation petition, she will not come for 2nd motion and you have to roam to court for years" 1. Now I doubt both lawyers are playing behind me and might have removed my Child visitation IA from the divorce case which i have withdrawn.What is the procedure to request court to get all my case details with a notary signature or court seal?Please provide me all the possible ways 2. At any point of time I dont need to loose my visitation rights of my child and am ready to bare his expense also.Even I have sent several mails and SMS to my wife asking her to show my child atleast.Shall I give the visitation rights IA myself in the second motion(prepared with the help of other lawyer)? 3.For this new lawyer, I dont want to pay any more because, he didnt do what i requested and now he acts like an opposite lawyer.Already he has taken 50 thousand as advance from me. Whats the procedure to cancel the vakkalath givien to him? I need to cancel it by myself.Please advice I am the only bread winner in my family taking care of my old parents .My father in law is a bussiness man and he influences my lawyer(whomsover i go) with money and political power. I am expecting a honest lawyer to answer(honest all possible answers)/help me.