Fear of Fake Dowry and harashment case

Hiii.... M Tejas m recently married in march. But from the of marriage my wifes parents keeps insulting my reletives and ask us to come home and then insults us and makes an argues and then giving some types of warning uses insulting word and gives us reverse warning that we will see u. Two days before also they did the same thing. M fade of this also my wife spits on our relation when her mother said something against to me. Before marrige also her mother blaimed me and my father to ask for dowry when i js asked my wife to give a broach of her like and to wear with her hand on the day of marriage. M afraid that they will put me and my family in trouble.when We js tried to take out some information about them then we got to know that these persons already threaten their own brother and they are separated not even watching faces of each other. every time they gives a warning of such thing though their dauther is happy with us. No one is even talk to her rudly. Plz help plz revert very urgently.