Want to file diverse case against wife cruelity

Respected experts I need ur help plz help me gor god sake for humanity.it can happen to ur beloved ones also.i m helpless and don't know what to do. I m martied for 5 years.have girl kid of 1 year.my wife behaviour is untolerable and the same is increasing day by day as she threats us she will put false 498a on my family.she abuses my mother father in front of me.last night I tried to make her understand finally when she did not agree I tried to suicide in front of her she was watching sitting on chair.i was hopeing next minute she ll stop me and agree for well behaving but she didnot do anything.i hanged myself on ceiling fan. After that I dont remeber.morning when I saw myself alive and come to know that the rope got broken and I was unconscious. Had a rope mark on the neck.next day morning my parents put companint in police .police arranged compromise and her parents took her with them.her parents are involved in this. I got my xray report which doctor told is ok.i cant stay with her.plz suggest shud I go for divorce.my parents have already debarred me and my wife and my daughter from property for their safety. I have psychatric report where I had taken treatment aftet trying suicide as I got dippressed after that.plz plz help what shud I do.