Money suit filed by the bank

Dear sir/madam, I took a cash credit loan from a nationalised bank amounting to Rs. 5 lakhs.I had no property mortgage to the bank except some KVP certificates which had been prematured by the bank for the realisation of the loan amount and interests time to time. Now bank has nothing for recovery of this loan. At the time of filing money suit in district court outstanding was 3 lakhs 70 thousand approx as declared by the bank to the Hon'le court. Now the case is running and i did not appear before the court from the very begining as i have no property in my name or money to repay the loan. My business has become loss business and presently it has no existence. My husband is the gurrantor of this loan. He has not also any property in his name as well as money in his account except his pension and did not appear before the court not a single time. Me and my husband had received the summons individually after filling the case by the bank. In the next date bank will get exparty order. Kindly help by giving your valuable answer of my folowing question. 1. It is right step as we did not appear before the court for contest ? 2. What kind of order court can pass ultimately to recover the money? 3. Can court pressurize me to appear before the court after passing the exparty order when bank will not get anything from me for attachment? 4. In civil money suit can there be imprisonment lastty if the amount is not recovered by the bank in any way? 5. In future is there be any option for us to appear before the said court or higher court if any adverse decree is passed against us ? 6. Now i am dependent on my husbands pension completely as a housewife. Can my husband's pension be attached?