My rights as daughter-in law and my husband as son in the propert

Iam a married woman. my in laws owned 750 sq m land in which a residential house exists which is occupied by all of us. my husband has one sister and one older married parents in-law executed a gift deed for 300 sq mts in favour of their daughter who is married (my husbands sister) in 2002. my husbands brother got married to a divorcee woman in 2012 and in the same year he forced the parents to execute a sale deed secretly in favour of him and his wife of the remaining property along with the house(450 sq mts). then my father in law died in July 2012. my mother-in law supports the elder son. all my belongings are in the house. I am working and stays at present in the rented house. this week we realised that he mortgaged the property with canara bank and failed to pay the loan as a result the bank was put the property for e -auction on [deleted]. so as of now we got to know that in the 11th hour he settled the bank and arranged to sell Ithe property to some third party who helped him to pay the loan amount.i filed the suit against my brother in law based on disposable quota and my share