Breach of Trust

I am 21 year girl my marriage has been fixed on Nov21 & 22 nd after the engagement. Me and my fiance (who lives in Oman ) were talking through the phone . but last week during our conversation he asked about my previous love life . I had told him that i had a crush on a Boy in my classs during my class 12th which even my family doesnt know about this. Now he is denying to marry me and urging to stop the marriage. I & my family members are repeatedly begging him telling him that it was only a crush which everybody experiences at their teenage but all the efforts are in vain. Now my family memebers are blaming me for being so honest and my mother was hospitalised when she heard about this . If he disagree to marry me my parents my parents are very much ashamed to face the society ad definitely my parents would die of thinking this . In order to stop this i have left with only two options 1. Commit suicide before they try it 2. suggest me to sue him legally if he disagrees even after begging him as much as we can . ( The Engagement photos are the proof as of now with me )