Closing Overseas role abruptly

I work in a top Indian IT company. Last year I was selected to head IT unit in APAC region and was asked to relocate to Japan in Sep. 2014. In Feb. 2015, I got a mail from my manager that CEO has decided to rationalised headcount therefore they have closed my position and asked me to come back India by May end. I wrote back to my manager and HR that since I have moved recently alongwith my family and spend lots of money in my settling in Japan as well as sold all my assets in India in very low price therefore this decision will have major financial impact on me. Also I asked them if it is due to any performance issue. They reverted that it is not for any performance issue but in IT industry it is normal things. However they didn't provide any response to my financial losses. I also written clearly that my wife left job in India before coming to onsite and now she is going through mental agony but I could not get any response from my company. In August, I got another mail from my manager that I need to come back India by 30th Sep. and I asked same query that what about my financial losses, again there was no response. Today again, I got mail from my manager that I need to plan my travel back to India. As per company policy, the onsite role duration is for 3 years but this position was closed by CEO abruptly and no justification was given to me. Kindly advise as an employee do I have any rights or from legal perspective do I have any support available.