Need Solution For Land case Filed against

Hello, In the Year 1973 my grandfather purchased a agriculture land from X and there was a kauldhar for it, and after kauldhar came to know that we purchased a land from X he fought with us that we cannot buy that land because he did as kauldhar ,so he has the right to buy after X but later he agreed himself and comprised with us and signed in non objection certificate because at that point of time their was tenancy act 51(guess i don't know correct government act) in Andhrapradesh,and later on we made phani books on the name of my father and grandfather and we had now with us, but now the main problem is we had issue in mro office that is few local guys who work in the mro office deleted the records and bribe by lawyer,lawyer approached the daughters of kauldhar and filed a case against us that his father has done kauldhar and that land should belongs to them and they removed the records of his father who signed non objection in the year 1974 from mro office,.....Please give the solution whom should we approach now and can we get that paper where he signed we had a orginal certicate copy but they are telling they dont find in records from revenue office