Regarding importer threat of legal action

Sir, I had worked as an agent of UK based company in India. Had introduced both the parties of each other. Buyer in india made payments to UK company for goods as advance. The company in UK delivered the material at port in containers. But there was delay in issuing telex release by UK company ro the buyer. Though it was done later on buyer in india had to suffer demurrage charges. UK company promises to pay him monies and losses he suffered due to demurrage charges. I was just an agent. I had not given any gurrantees of anything to any party. Nor. i signed any agreement with buyer gurrenting him his losses. Neither i took any money from buyer. The agreement was between these two parties i.e. UK company and Indian buyer. I just forwarded invoices on seller behalf. The buyer is saying i must compensate him as his trust was broken. He is threateaning of legal action against supplier in UK and me. where as i never promised in writing or words saying demurrage charges are my responsobilty.It happened due to UK company. They have no offices in india. I told buyer he can do legal against UK company but dont drag me as i did him no wrong personally. I did my best to help the indian buyer to sort out isse with UK company. Please suggest me. Regards, Pavitra