Birth certificate clarification

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Mohamed Aamir and I was born in Mumbai. My birth certificate is issued by the Bombay Corporation. But since then, I'm a resident of Tamilnadu and all my certificates except birth certificate has been issued in Tamilnadu including Nativity, voter card, Aadhar, educational certificates, etc. I have mistakes in my name and also in both of my parents' names in my birth certificate. In order to apply for passport, I need to correct them. I need to know whether I need to go all the way to Mumbai for correcting them now or can I correct them in Tamilnadu itself or is there any way to provide proof that my actual name is this and proceed for getting my passport. The details of my problem is given below: My actual details (the details being in all my certificates except birth certificate): Name: Mohamed Aamir Father's Name: Mohamed Ali Mother's Name: Sharifa Bee Grandfather's Name: Abdul Rajak Date of Birth: 20th Dec, 1993 Place of Birth: Mumbai Details as in my birth certificate: Name: Mohd. Aamir Father's Name: Ali Abdul Rajak Sheikh Mother's Name: Sharifa Bi Note: I have been living in Cuddalore district in Tamilnadu since my birth and all the certificates and documents for me were issued in Tamilnadu, as a native of Tamilnadu. And is it possible for me to prove by any way to the passport officers that the person born with the details in that birth certificate and the person with those actual details in all other certificates is the same? I have consulted a lawyer in my locality who said me that its possible only if I go to Mumbai and the other way is that I can get a fresh birth certificate like I was born in Tamilnadu itself, hiding completely that I have born in Mumbai and also my original birth certificate I have. I do not know what to do now. Requesting you to help me. Awaiting for your clarification. Thank you.