Mutual Consent Divorce in Bangalore

Dear Lawyers, Me and my wife got Hindu arranged marriage on Feb 6th 2015, and marriage is registered also on the same day. Now both of want to apply for mutual consent divorce. After Marriage I left to USA on Feb 13th 2015 and stayed there till August 15th 2015 and started living with my wife in her parents house forcefully. We have stayed together for 15Days I.e. Till September 1st 2015. Due to privacy I decided to move to my apartment, but she didn't join me and we are living separately from February 13th to August 15th and from September 1st to Today. My question is 1) How soon can I get divorce in mutual consent in my case? 2) I searched online for requirements of MCD, it said, marriage should have completed a minimum of 1 year to apply for this divorce in court, is this true that we have to apply only after Feb 6th 2016.? 3) If 2) is correct then again 6 months mediation will go on and then the case will go on. Should we go through 6 months period to reconsider our decision, is it mandatory to wait for another 6 months.?