Wrong Pay fixtation

Sir I am physically handicapped (orthopedic) person. I have applied to the present organization (now working) in the pay scale of ([deleted]) against the advertisement in the employment new paper. I appeared interview before the Selection committee / Board for the post in the pay scale of ([deleted]). Selection Board fixed my basic pay as Rs 11300/- . I have accepted this offer since I had salary hike from previous employment and joined present organization on 1.1.2008 with the basic pay Rs 11300/-. As per the sixth pay commission, 1. For the pay scale of ([deleted]) is mapped to [deleted] + AGP 6000. 2. For the pay scale of ([deleted]) is mapped to [deleted] PB (3)+ AGP 7000. But unfortunately, my pay scale ([deleted]) with the basic pay 11300/- which was approved by selection committee is mapped to [deleted] + AGP 6000 during my pay fixation in sixth pay commission. As I noticed this mapping is wrong, I raised this issue for my pay fixation. The competent authority said that the pay scale ([deleted]) which I have joined is not sanctioned by Ministry department,GOI. Sir, if I would have known that the post is not sanctioned post in present organization during my joining or during interview, I would not joined present organization and would have stayed back in previous organization itself. Now my life is totally miserable and questionable. Now I am in do or die situation with my family. Sir, please advise me and how do I know whether I am appearing for the interview which is sanctioned post or not. I applied for this pay scale ([deleted]) against the advertisement in the employment new paper. Sir, please advise me what wrong I did in this, why I have to suffer for no reason. please understand my feelings to save my life and my family. Please advise me, how to get rid of this issue.