Tamilnadu govt. mbbs seat admission regarding

Year 2015-16,Tn.Govt.admitted previous year students gets 548govt.mbbs seats and more than 100seats pvt.self financing colleges for mbbs admission,almost 650students studying in various colleges various degree(including all professional degree,ex mbbs)that students participate and get mbbs seats,for this year. That seats are vacant for continue medical for 1+4.5year,BE 1+3year.previous year students selected last year 2014-15,maximum govt.vertinary medical college,B.sc Agri and dental colleges,this seats are vacant.near by 650seats are vacant.all students studying in govt.colleges spent, utilisation for public tax money.but same time present year students effected ,one Bds seats for pvt.medical college,so many news paper told and published cost above 25-30lakhs,vertinary college Bvsc seats almost govt.spent,but pvt.medical colleges for this seats claim nearly40-45lakhs,so 650 seats ,mostly 500 previous students come in medical side, so approximately 250crore money vaste for public tax money.so current year students participate in current year course,in (tamilnadu govt.selection method only 12th exam marks,so every year changing question types,so previous year and this year is how much equal ,but same time not conducted in entrance exam)so I request u give right solution ,Thanks