Salary / job issue

Dear Sir, I am working in a real estate organistation as a sales Manager .Always my salary disburse on 7th of every month.On the salary day my boss call me and said to me that you are promoted to Senior Manager and you have to see Gorakhpur location,I said ok than she said I am confirming to HR.I said ok than after 2 hrs I recived the call from HR that come down to Delhi I said why than HR told me you have some dispute with your boss I said no .On that particular day i came to know that my salary was blocked without any reason.Than next day HR called me and told me give me your resignation I said why than she told me their is no reason.Than I told her that I will talk to my head .I tried to meet My head by she starts ignoring me than after two days of approch I managed to talk I said sorry if I have any fault and ask for the reason she told me that your feedback 5 yrs back in Chandigarh was not good( I have started my career from chandigarh and got transferred to Lucknow from Chandigarh) and your feedback from seniors also not good I asked from my immediate boss that you have any problem with me he said to me no.Than she tried to revolve the talks and said to me give one day time & that time was never come.My salary was blocked till now and HR call me and force me to give resign .I ask her give me the reason and give me everything in written.Till date they have not issued me any resignation notice and I am continuously coming to office and punching my attendance also.The salary which was blocked is of last month and i have worked till last but than also they blocked my salary.I have not given any resignation yet how can they block my salary .When my boss asked HR she told him it will be provided in full and final but full and final salary will be the notice period salary.They have blocked my last month salary kindly help what to do.