Anukampa case

My father was expire on 2005 while working as headmaster in govt ashram school of maharashtra after that we application for compassionate appointment and my brother get appointment as untrain primary teacher in same department in 2006 and in2009 he complted his shikshan sevak in jun 2010 he aqaire req qlalification and give proposal to department for regulation of service in permanant scale at that his department i.e tribal department thane came to know that compassionate appointment will given to olny class 3 and class 4 employee and they give notice as ur father is class 2 officer u have no right so we reply for that notice in proper way after we many time pray for regulation of service but they igonore at the end we decide to go in court so we appeal in maharashtra administrative tribunal and till now case in pending in court some day before department give termination order some important fact of case 1) at the time of applying we clearly mentioned that my father was headmaster so we didnt hide any informantion 2)at time applying my brother is studing as bsc agree 2nd year he left stuydy and join service because of responicibility if they told that time about gr he continue his study and go in higher possition than now 3) in genral any recrument to cheak qlalification of candidate eligibility of candidate or gr related to post to cheak all this thing it is responcibility of respective department and not of that candidate so while giving apointment why u not cheack this thing 4)rightnow my brother is age of 30 he complted 10 year service now he have one daugher now u give termination without thinking now what to do 5) most important till from 2006 to 2010 he get 1500 and from 2010 to till he get 3000 per month now tell daily wage worker who work in farm get 400 per day i.e 12000 per month then also he work for 3000 by thinking that he will get justice is this ur justice without thinking giving termination...... pls i need suggetion from you thnk u in advance