Vacating the Injunction order

6 Months prior to marriage I purchased a site with an agreement in my name. Just 15 Days after my marriage it was registered in my wife's name and payments (both cheque and online) was done through my account. Later it got registered (in sub-Registrar office) in my name through gift deed and Khatha is transferred in the meanwhile my father-in-law has influenced by wife and thus the temporary injunction was issued but by the time injunction order was issued by the court and accepted by me site was already transferred/registered (in sub-Registrar office) in my mother's name through gift deed and almost transfer of documents(EC, Sale deed, Khatha Extract ..etc) are ready in my mother's name prior to hearing date. Also please be advised I have kept all these original documents very confidential hence neither my wife nor father in -law have access to even a single original document of the same. They have filed the case just referring to the copies issued through RTI act and there clear intention is just to drag the case as they know legally my case is strong with enough evidences/documents. So sincerely request your advice on the following: 1) How to vacate the injunction order at the earliest? 2) How to make my case more strong so as to influence them to voluntarily withdraw the case? 3) Any other value added suggestions in this regard is much appreciated.