120 b ipc

I want to ask you i got conspiracy case under section 120 B IPC my brother in law (SATPAUL NRI) ask (GOBIND RAM) in my city to send his son to Italy through Georgia and ask 600000 INR, after visa. They went to New Delhi and stayed there a while,after getting visa he transferred money SATPAULS's acc. Satpaul leaves his passport at hotel counter because Gobind ram;S son was extremely drunken before flight but he Satpaul went back to his country ,Then Gobind Ram'son missed flight and came back home and said he has been cheated by Satpaul NRI. Gobind Ram come to me explained the whole incident happened to his son, i tried to call (Satpaul NRI)But Satpaul NRI argued about visa is original and Gobind Ram's son was drunken before flight. i and Gobind Ram visit to (Satpaul NRI) father's house, and Satpaul'S father said he has disown Satpaul from his property. he refuse to help us, now Gobind ram start pushing me to solve the issue. I tried my best to talk to Satpaul, but he said visa is already expired. Gobind Ram put case on Satpaul that he has been cheated 600000 INR by getting fake visa. and stated that i trust Satpaul NRI beacuse of he is my brother in law. what is your opinion about this case.?