Transfer of Shares

My Uncle MM who continued to reside in the property in the name of my grandfather (2 BHK in Malad Mumbai Approx. value 1.5cr ) CCM after his death while the remaining two brothers and sister moved out post a couple of years of my grandfather’s death in the year XXXX The problem is that my uncle who continues to reside in my grandfather’s property is not giving my mother MM her due share of the property. All possible negotiation has failed as he wants us to abide by his conditions only; due to the fact that he is possession of the property since a long time approx. 15 + yrs. and has the society committee also in his favor He also has a stamp paper where the names of his brother i.e. DM, Sister JW, my mother’s name i.e. MMi (Wife of Deceased PM i.e. brother of MM) are mentioned. This stamp paper talks about relinquishing their right towards my grandfather’s property towards and in favor of MM . This stamp paper has signature of only DM and JW as my mother disagreed to sign the same He also has tried to transfer my grandfather’s property in his name by submitting some proofs to the society. Am not sure what those proofs are; but in all possibility given that he has good relationship with the society members of the concerned property in despite; they have transferred the property is his name. I have sent a legal notice to the society and to the society registrar regarding the transfer but this has not yielded any results . I have also heard that he has registered the property in his name I have the following additional documents • Piece of paper from my grandfather which states will wherein he says that the property should only be given to his three sons • Legal Notice and letters sent to the society that the transfer of the flat should not be carried out as my mother is the legal heir My objective is to get my mother’s MM share in the property . Kindly advise the best possible route to take this forward and detailed break up of fees and what sort of assurances you can offer in this regards Can share docs via email once we connect