Property disputes Between Me, My father and sisiter-reg

Sir My name is satish aged 41 yrs live in Dharwad Karnataka state. Father DV & Late Mother (MKS) were Govt Servants. The property in question is at bangalore 1) at B.Nagar Bangalore which is 1200Sft with house in name of my late mother obtained througy allotment from KHB in 1975, she has not left any will. 2) a house of 2700Sft at S.nagar in Bangalore in Name of My Father (DV) aged 76 yrs obtained through BDA by allotment in 1985 . My Father hails from a village V.Pura in Tumkur Dist Karnataka State. My Recently My father has gifted the prop no.2) at S.nagar to My sister DVA agd 35yrs with out my knowledge. My father had accepted by partition the ancestral property land 4 acres and a house at v.pura from My grandfather(DG) . The same was sold in 1980 (6500/-)and 1984 (12500/-)( I and my sister were minors). Money received A property sold in 1984 house at v.pura(Rs.12500/-) was invested for purchase of site at S.nagar for RS.36000/- in bangalore in 1985. Both the properties were a joint investment by both my father(DV) and mother(MKS). now My father (DV)wants to give entire property to my sister(DVA). In this connection i require yours guidance and advice. What rights i do have in the properties at 1&2 in Bangalore.