Wife's cruelity (Mental torture)

Am married for more than 6 years and having a 4.5 year old kid . Since the time I got married , my wife starting showing her intentions of getting separated from my parents, which i never agreed upon. My parents got to know this and they made a volunteer decision and started living separately in a different city. But my wife's and family culture is totally a mismatch with mine . Even i caught her hiding a man in the bathroom by a surprise visit to the home in my office timings. Now when she finds here nowhere , she has started saying that I am cruel , i beat her and started knocking neighbors doors to tell them this false stuff. Yesterday when my parents visited my place , we had an argument with her about all these bad and unlawful stuff . she started crying and called up police and got us a notice by police (Act 149) . Now she is going to her parents home today with my kid. I dont want to loose my kid at any cost so never have filed any complaint or case of divorce. I have never beaten her up , just did it sometimes in a way like grabbing her jaws to deliver some dialogue in anger , that too when she abuse me, my parents and even uses bad words against my parents . I am sure she is influenced by some family member of relative and has changed drastically these days. Here am seeking some suggestions as to how should I go ahead , when she is keeping my kid and going her home . She no got proof of domestic violence or any dowry demands because that never happened . But now she has made a false statement to the police also that we have demanded dowry , a diamond ring and a car. We already own two cars though. And after 6.5 years she has realized that we demand dowry . she is totally fake and badly influenced by a few of her family members . Please help me with this serious issue and suggest me some directions. Lokendra singh