Can I travel abroad for studies

Sir, I am married women having 11 months girl child, suffering with my husband and his family. From the time of my daughter birth, my husband is not taking us to him/ his home or not even coming to my home (maternal home, where I am staying now) to see us. He is not even bothered about us. From 6 years I have been facing all sort of problems with him and his family, and now from the birth of my child it’s been increased, and they are taking this as advantage and suffering us. They are more concerned about dowry, my salary, not interested of girl child birth etc. I can file case against them but my life, my child's life and my parents' will be suffering a lot by roaming around the courts, also my brothers are not yet married. By keeping all these in mind, I want to be far from him silently. Now what I need is, I am planning to travel abroad for studies. Is it possible to travel abroad, settle down and then after take my child with me, that is, after 3 or 6 months, by the time I settle with minimum needs. That is, my question is, Is there any chance to take child with him from my home? to take revenge on me, in spite of not having love on his daughter and create any problems to us. If so, what type of precautions( from lawyer) I need to take, to protect my child from them, as they are totally money minded and very cheap mentality persons that they can degrade to any level for money. So sir, please understand my problems and respond soon.