Dismissal from state government service

Dear Sir, My brother joined a state goverment service in 2011 but just he changed his mind and did not go to service from the next second day (due to some personal reason also). He forgot to send to govt any document about his resign or absence. After arounf 8-10 months when a notice came from govt for coming back to office . He send a resignation letter mentioning the cause- "Personal reason". After that no reply or any correspondence came from Govt. side so he thought that his resignation is accepted. In between he has joined a private MNC and also started preparing UPSC civil services.. Now in JAN 2015 a letter came from govt to with various charges against him such as long absence without permission . He replied with his earlier sent resignation letter, but Govt replied with a harse letter to dismiss him from service (Govt. letter was in Hindi mentioned aapko seva se mukt kiya jata hai) and mentioned that his resignation letter can not be accepted. He has not taken a single paise from this service . As he is hardly preparaing for civil service from last 2-3 years. He has reached to interview stage in last year. Now with this letter he is in huge frustatiion and mental trauma as dismissal from service means as we understtod that his carer will be ruined and he will not be eligible to join any state or centre govt. service. Is it true? Should he get such a severe punishment (Dismissal) for his unwilling full mistake. He is in such a situation that he even thinks to end his life as he will not be able to become IAS because of this govt. dismissal letter. We all are in a sever mental trauma. My humble request to the experts here to please help us by your valuable advice. Its very urgent ........Please help Thanks Sameer