Hello Sir...My sister got married in 2011 to my very close relative. After marriage her husband got flew to Australia promising to take her as well. But in the absence of her husband her family and specially mother-in-law has started harassment and use to taunt my family in every manner. They have also put a condition that my sister has miss behaved with there family and kept a condition that we have to apologize for what sister had done and then only her husband will come to India. We though of making her life happy and in front 4 elder people (2 from there side 2 from our side) we have signed the apologize letter. After that he came to India every thing was going well foe 2 month But after some time We came to know that he has tortured my sister and make her sign on Mutual Divorce in family court without knowing to any one. Later he suddenly came to our house and dropped my sister at my home and went back. Since then she is at out place only. We have been to few advocate as they suggested we have first taken back the mutual divorce file from family court and we have filled a complaint against them for 498a in criminal court,nampally. for which he has been sent on remand for 3 days. Both the cases are still running in family court and criminal court til now. We have also filed a maintenance at family court but nothing has happened till now. Problem is my sister don't want to leave him and he ready to leave her.Criminal court has also given chance to settle down the things out side the court but they are just on there word that they just want a divorce. We are really in very concern that my sister life is getting ruined. It has been almost 4th year case is still going on. Please help suggest what should be the next step.