Dob difference

My birth certificate and 10th mp board marksheet has different birth certificate its 30/08/1989 and in 10th marksheet along with pan card its 28/08/1989.may be birth certificate has the right one.I applied for passport on 1/06/2013 since then passport office bhopal has sent me so many objection letters demanding fresh birth certificate with correct dob."cause i apllied with 10th marksheet dob. i have treid to change dob both in 10th marksheet and birth certificate but its not looking possible.the muncipal corporation indore is saying correction is not possible in dob "cause its according to hospital record.the mp board of education is not doing correction they are saying its too late correction is not possible after 3 year its a new rule. Every lawyer is saying file a suit against mp board bhopal for correction. what kind of system is this? A correction in documents will not take more then 2 minutes if they wanted to do it so. I am frustrated ,harresed and tired. I am not asking for a forge documents even i am not saying to government delete my criminal record and give me cash money to go abroad. Even if my dob gets change by 2 days that will not make any problem or harm to anyone life . its been almost 3 years i am visiting goverment officials they are all not helping me.they just talk about rules and sections. Even if i file a suit for correction in high court . first i should have to wait for hearing date may be for 1 year.if the mp board bhopal deny for correction in court on the name of rules and exuses.that will just make it more weird. If i become a prime minister of india. i will say to human society to close the system.dont help anyone "cause in todays world no human trust any other human.everyone just want his stuff and use each other.. Whether a criminal case 'accident or poverty or someone like me who is honest and cant get a passport.. The majority of indians population dont have this problems in its nature of life they dont care who is getting pissed off.