I want stay in my family with my wife and new born baby

Dear Sir, my wife can't stay with me after her delivery. now my baby is just 2 months old. after delivery she and her family don't send her to my family. after delivery we send her to my father in laws house for 2 months. now 2 months over and she can't move to my family and want to stay with their parents house. she can't contribute my baby with me also. she told me that only she can right to make a decision for my new born baby. But i want to maintain my marriage status with my wife. and i want to a better life with my family and my wife and of course my children. My wife has problem with my parents.She is house wife and no work contribution she done previous days for my family. now My wife family told me that they send their daughter with condition. other wise they can't send her. the conditions are: 1. I never go to the outside India for my services with my wife and children. 2. She randomly move to my father in laws home. etc. in this point of view please suggest me what can i do now. I want to maintain my marriage life with my parents, my wife and definitely with my baby. i want to bring back my wife with my baby. but it is impossible to sign the condition. because marriage is not maintain by any condition. so, please suggest what can i do. how i bring back my wife with my child.