Please advice me

Respected Madam / Sir, My wife left my home on 14th February, 2013. She went to her parent’s house as normally with smiling face but informed after 3 days that she would not come to my house if I don’t fulfill her mother’s demand for money. After that I and my family members have tried a lot to get back her in my home. I have converted my single named bank savings account in our joint name after my marriage. The family locker, where maximum jewellery is of my late mother, was transferred to our joint name after my parents’ death. Entire bank balance is of my hardest earning. (My wife was a house maker and did not earn any money and I have not received any kind of money or material from my in laws). Without both signatures neither of us can withdraw the money from the account. Now my wife and her family members are demanding a hefty amount as alimony for mutual divorce and threatening me that if I don’t give the money they can go for a police case. Me and my family members are still ready to accept her if she comes without the motive for exploitation. Her family members are only concerned about money. Please advise me how can I get rid from this situations and how can I protect my property. My marriage date was 9th July, 2008. Recently my wife is working in a play school. Questions: 1. Can they go for police case? If yes, what is the remedy? 2. Can they claim alimony or maintenance? 3. How can I protect my bank balance and jewellery in locker