Cruelty by wife immediately after marriage (Marg date: 09/02/15)

My wife's brother and mother were forcefully living in the house rented by me for stay after marriage at Bangalore. In fact they were staying before marriage too. But when I asked my wife to arrange for them, she forcefully kept them at the matrimonial house. There was no agreement as such before marriage on this part. Her mother interfered in day to day life at the home after marriage and I objected. My wife never took any step on it. This created differences between my wife and me and I used to raise my voice to make her understand. Next, she joined a job wherein since April 2015, she is into UK and US shift (returning from office by 12:30 A.M). My office timings were from 7 am to 4 pm. She never gave me personal time to discuss anything. Got a common Sunday wherein she never came out with me for outing. If forced she used to ask her mother also to come! She earned more than me but never helped to manage things at home and instead gave entire salary to her mother. Because of this things went very bad at home. Now she started forcing me to talk to her mother forcefully on anything if I remained silent. I remained silent at home whenever her mother was around and she said that if I do not talk to her, she wont be with me. My parents tried to explain her, but she never respected them. My parents asked her to arrange for her mother and brother at separate home. But she denied and over that she said that if her mother and brother do not stay with her, she will also go away with them to live separately. Her mother also interfered in our sexual life by asking her not to have baby soon. Because of this, my wife always said that she wants baby not earlier than 2 years. I finally objected to all sorts of cruelty and because of this, she forcefully left home to take another home on rent in the same locality and since August 30th 2015, she is living with her mother and brother. She has just informed that she is leaving home but her location is yet unknown. Neither she nor I have made any move to know her location. I wanted to move to Delhi from Bangalore being fed up and now my wife says, she want to support her brother in education and so for next 2 years she dont want to move anywhere else apart from Bangalore. I am not sure how to tackle things. Please advise. For any questions do ask me, I will reply.