Please help me to rid out the below mention situation

Sir, on 8.09.2015 I was on leave and only came to dropped my daughter in same office as she is doing internship from my office . After dropping him I was stand with giving indication for right turn and waiting for my side light to take turn , sudddenly a scooty driver over take me to pass the light on yellow and his footstep got hit my red sight fog light and after going ahead 5-11 meter and lost his balance and felt down I went to him and said I am calling 100 no because you hit my car but he feel his guilty and request the public gathered there to took him to a hospital. As public request me I took him along with my office colleague to a private hospital with his office collegue at that time he did not tell doctor about the accident, Ialso paid his x-ray charges and plaster charges as both he and his colleague did not have that amount to pay. I spent almost 2 hours with him and on their request I come back to office to dropped my colleague and went to home. As I left he call police and did MLC and also some heat argument with CMO of hospital. In MLC CMO mentioned that the patient has changed their earlier statement of falling from scooty as the scooty got imbalance himslef and make a change statement that a car hit him. Now FIR has been lodged and my car and his scooty seized. Pl advise me for what action should be taken by me.