Require guidance about MCD and child visitation

Sir/Madam, I married my wife 4 years back. Due to less semen count we opted to have a baby through IUI treatment with the consent of my parents & her parents. It was my in-laws who wanted me to undergo the treatment and also accompanied us during the treatment period. My wife has been staying with her parents in another city for the past 2years and I used to visit every month. My wife gave birth to a baby girl in 2014 and was staying with her parents as they wanted to perform some religious owe, which I accepted. We did not have any issues between us till Feb 2015, but suddenly I could see a change in approach towards me and my parents from my wife and her parents and they wanted me to leave my parents and live with them in another city. I did not accept their demand so they created a false scenario and said me and my parents should not visit my child and started to abuse and threaten us regularly over phone. Few months later, I received a call from a police station that a 498a complaint has been given in my name and my parent’s name and were told to appear in person. We were told that my wife is not interested to live with me anymore and they demanded a compensation of 50lakhs. Fearing a false 498a charge we accepted to pay 15lakhs. In the meantime I lost my job and now am jobless for the past 10 months. Lawyers suggested us to go for a anticipatory bail but since my parents have health issues we did not opt for that option and agreed to pay the money. Now we are running pillar to post to arrange for the money. It will be great if I could get your valuable guidance about MCD and child visitation and fear of compensation money being misused by in-laws. I really doubt that the money i give may not be used for my child, so please suggest me if there is any other option so that the money is safe and secure for my child.