Help me to get a information for filing a divorce.

It's already 3 years to my marriage, and its being hell of a marriage. Not a single day goes when we don't fight for anything . we have a baby boy. We have done a love cum arrange marriage, but after the marriage ,my wife started misbehaving my parents, so I took her with me to my workplace noida, here the same thing happens she used to abuse me , shout at me in the house, middle of a street , in our colony, used to go out of the house with the baby in midnight and I have to follow her, used slang language on me like harami, chutiyaa, kutta and also used scold my parents and use slang language for my parent like my mother is a pimp, prostitute..... etc. She used to warn me not to tell anyone or not to run from her as her father is a well known personality in Bhubaneswar. I am jobless right now, I am getting job offers from Bangalore, pune, Mumbai but she is not allowing me to leave noida and blackmailing me that she will kill herself and the baby. I am n deep trouble, I am going in to depression now as I don't have a job and she is forcing me to take loan for the livelihood. Please suggest me what to do. I want a divorce. What are the step I need to follow.