Difficulties in getting refund of deposited amount from builder

Booked flat from known builder in delhi in 2006, deposited money, construction never started and project scrapped, since then trying to recover my deposited money. case filed in consumer court in delhi in 2010, In may-2015 got judgement that builder must refund original amount + 9% interest, builder gave post dated checks but pressurizing to hold & don't deposit those checks and will replace with DD very soon. Need to know should I go ahead and deposit 1 by 1 on their dates, if checks get bounced then what's the procedure and time it may take thereafter and what to expect from lawyer. sorry to say, but saw in many movies and general perception in people as well that (some) lawyers get lucrative offers from opposite side and case get weaker. saying this because I have realized the weakness in the so far process in consumer court. Like every common man; I feel that somehow these heavyweight and powerful parties like builders etc getting favorable treatment in (consumer) courts. Is there any lawyer who can take bold step against this well known builder and help me in the last stage of case and help me to maintain my trust and confidence in law, lawyers and system? I don't mean to offend anyone but I'm totally frustrated with....! Ash Kumar