Mortgage plots

Sir,my name is Ranganadh sai, from Chirala (A.P), I given my site to one builder for constructing apartments, we made one G.P for plan approvals for construction, in this G.P we mentioned our ratios 56% to builder and 44% ours and also written we will make another supplementary deed mentioning plot nos. He constructed 35 apartments, 17 go to builder& 13 ours remaining 5 mortgage to municipality ,we didn't mentioned in 5mortgaged plots both of our registered documents, we both written in Rs,100/- stamp paper in 5 mortgage plots we will take according to our ratios 56 & 44% after release the municipality . Now the builder is sold 4 mortgage plots to another persons by using G.P, we clearly written in that G.P, builder has only right to sale 56% only, and he mentioned these 4 plots not mortgage by time of plan approval in the present registrar document .we already went to court and get injection order not to occupy and sale to others, but these 4 persons are not bothering court orders and they r doing work in that apartment . Please give me suggestion how we will stop legally any give any other suggestion