My husband threatening me to take my child away from me

Hi, I have been married for 3 years n this is our first child. She was born in Feb 2015, she is 7 months now. From the time I got married my mother in law harrased me alot n I patiently suffered everything for my husband. My husband during those times used to support me so she left to get native . after one year she came back when I was pregnant n again started the same tactics. She won't cook food for me, she does not like me taking to my husband. When I'm with my husband in bedroom she opens the door n comes stating some stupid reason n my husband leaves. This behavior was continuing when I was in my 39th week of pregnancy n sin after my child was born. I could not help it n I shouted at her n my husband asked me to leave the house. It's been 6 months since I came from thr , my husband used to visit us every month n was very happy. In August he lost his job n asked for my jewels saying that vll settle down in any foreign country. I said no I have that for our child. From then he started talking about the fight which happnd 7 months before n now he says I don't want u ,u r very egoistic, self centered, i nvr thought u will b like other women, he stopped taking to me a month ago he just msgs me n says i want only my daughter I'll come n take her n go. What do I do?