Furnniture shop owner refused to return money

Hello, Myself Shailesh Bhardwaj,resident of Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharastra. Last Year,in the month od september i booked a sofa cum bed at shop called "furniture world",situated at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. I gave him 4000INR as advance.Rest money 21000INR i have to pay later. After that,neither i nor shop owner contacted each other.I was busy on official trip to another placess. After that,some occurance happen with me,like earthquake at my home town & fire at my Navi Mumbai rented place. After that,i was in big shock & huge financial crisis. When i returned back to Mumbai to resume my job. I went to the shop in the month of january. I requested them to please return my amount,thats i given them. Their staff ask me to come after 3 days or 4 days,these type of activity i did around 2 months. Sometimes they were asking,owner is out of town or owner is busy, we can do your favour or BLAH BLAH Then i requested them for owner no & tried to contact him.in starting, he asked i am not sole propriter, please contact with my partner. i talked with his partner & he gave me green single in same day. Again,i start calling another partner, "Sarfaraz". But,he was not ready to return our money. He told clearly that take some other furniture instead of money. I don't want to take any furniture,but after thinking a lot, went to their shop with my wife to take something around 4000 & we liked a computer table. But,when we produce old/original bill,they start to abusing us, hit my wife. Then we called police & lodge fir against the three worker,who are at shop that time & hit us & abused us with lots of vulgar words.This incident happen on 13th of september,2015. Once again i called the owner of the shop "Sarfaraz" on 15th of september 2015. Now,he refused to give either money or furniture. He is asking that, come with rest of money, i.e 21,000INR & take your sofa cum bed. What should we do now. We belongs from a middle class family & we don't have back support. Please help us.