Property Diivision

Hello ! I am Miss. Prarthana Basu from kolkata. In my family i have my parents, my sister, my grandfather ( grandmother left us 1 year ago ), all are staying on the house buld on the land which was brought in the name of my late grandmother' name for the past 60years. I have one aunt (employed ) (father's own sister), uncle and her two children (one boy and one girl) who stays in a village of birbhum. My aunt in her younger age eloped and marry a muslim man (who is now my uncle) and she has converted herself to muslim religion. Though in the later years my father brought her home and reconciled with the whole family but she hasn't done or took any responsibilities towards her parents. My grandmother has given all her jewelries 16 bhori to her daughter due to sentiments and judging the sensitivity situation of that time. Before 2 months when my grandmother (she was bed ridden for many years ) wished to stay at my aunt's in law's house for some days as her last wish, my aunt didn't fulfilled her wish. Now all of a sudden she wants her right to claim a portion of land and on the house in which we all are staying but my father wants to save the house from getting demolished. So, my grandfather went to a lawyer for advice and that particular lawyer confidently stated that if a hindu girl convert her religion to another religion then she doesn't hold any right to claim anything from her father's side. Can anyone give me a complete clear explanation about this matter ??? I want to know is there any way for my aunt to claim anything ???