Partition the property through compromise in court civil case

We inform you that we get the stay order from court on our portion of building, which is used by respondent persons. One building purchase by my grandpa brother before 40 years. that time they work altogether at shop. My grandpa and his brother made the unregistered family settlement deed on 20/- stamp paper before 17 years. as per deed grandpa brother sold out some portion after 5 years, that time registry of building required. so they made registry of all building in their name. We get the rent from our side of building from tenant from last several years. After their death their son make holl in roof and build stairs, so we get stay order on this by court. In court they replied that such type of unregistered family settlement deed not made by their father and petitioner. respondent father gives the some part of building in liberality, largesse to his brother to collect the rent from the rented building and maintenance for family, as they said. This type of unregistered family settlement not valid because its not registered as they say in reply. In this matter we inform you that we compromise and settled the case in court. We agree on 50 :50 ratio. Decree may be comes in 4,5 days. Yesterday we go and take the possession of rooms and lock the gate. In this 50:50 settlement some thier shop area comes in our side. For which we clearly mentioned in settlement that on quickly basis we make partition wall. But now the party said pls. Make it after 2 months because festival seasons comes so i will not loose my business. 2. they can use thier 1 Room through passing our is there any problem if we agree on this and we make wall after their tenant vaccant the shop? They used our porch beacuse they not have the place to use this room. This are not written in settlement. So pls. Help us is there any problem arise in future or not? 2. We use thier stairs for our use because we not have the space for making stairs in our partition because our shops are on rent. So how to vaccant the shop and make stairs in our property