Abusive wife filed Interim maintenance

I am currently in Australia. Working as financial analyst. I got married last year in India and from 3rd day of marriage she started fighting, dirty abusing, hitting and started putting unrealistic demands. Finally after 4 bad months of marriage she left me and went to her uncle's house and in 15 days filed all cases she could (DV, 498A and Maintenance crpc 125). after that I came to Australia alone. I am afraid of coming back to India as they have criminal background and political back. Please suggest - - What can I do so they do not harm me once I am back to India. - After all expenses(rent, tax, daily expense) I am able to save only 40-50 k Rs.. Out of this amount I have to send money to my old parents and for other liabilities as they are dependent on me. So how much she can get in Interim maintenance as she claimed 70k in application? Currently she is not working but I have all proofs she was working before marriage and now not working just to take money from me and to use same amount against me. - Is there any chance court will take my passport if I go to India to attend the court proceeding. If so can I apply in high court against it? - Is there any Men helpline that can help me in all these false cases and can guide me?