Require Legal advice on my Business agreement

I have business agreement on 18.07.2014 for Rs.100 India Non Judicial stamp paper with one Software Solutions company (first party) located in Virudhunagar for Selling and marketing their Software products globally as a second party. Before made the agreement I was chatting with him thru my Gmail Id. In that chat he promised me to develop Android Mobile Application within 3 months from my agreement date. I also clearly said in chat that i joined mainly for Android Mobile Application only. But in agreement he is not mentioning that he will complete the Android Mobile Application (Billing Software) within 3 months time. He mentioned that the second party markets the software products developed by first party. Both we have agreed that share amount will be calculated at 60 % to first party 40% to second party(after deducting the admin expenses) based on the business revenue. He also agreed that he will pay fixed amount Rs.15000/- on monthly basis. The remaining amount he will be calculated based on the share calculation and settled at the end of every quarter of the year. But he is not completed the Android Mobile application till date. And he is not giving any valid reasons also. He was wrongly committed more than 4 times that he will finish the Android Mobile Application very soon. Finally i came to know that he intentionally playing like this to stop earning more money thru selling Android Mobile Application. Now i have decided to leave my position with that company. And sent the notification mail with three months notice period time also. In that notification mail, I asked him to give the fixed amount Rs.15000/- for the 3 months notice period months also. He holding my last month salary and also he said that he will not pay the fixed amount Rs.15000/- for 3 months notice period also. What can i do sir. He is not registered his company properly. Last April\'15 only he got the TIN no. Finally he said huge amount he paid thru monthly fixed amount Rs.15000/- more than the revenue calculated from my agreement date. Now he asking me to pay the excess amount. Actually he was not keeping his words as per our email chat and he was not done anything as per our agreement. Any legal issues is there if he going to file a legal case sir? I also plan to file a legal case against him. pls guide me sir