Transfer of huda residential property and plot in case of

Sir, We have one residential house and one plot (25% built) in KARNAL in the name of my father and mother respectively. Both of them met with an accident on 23/10/15 and my father expired on the spot whereas mother expired on 15/8/2016 leaving no WILL. I am 25 years old and my sister is 20 years old. My grandmother also expired in 1993 . We have got issued legal heir certificate from TEHSILDAR at Karnal on 10/8/15 ( showing 3 heirs i.e. my mother, sister and myself). My mother expired after 5 days from issue of this certificate. I have obtained death certificates of my parents. The fact of death of my grandmother has been mentioned in the above stated legal heir certificate. Please advise me a) procedure for getting property transferred in our name ? b) Whether we can get 1 property in my name and one in my sister name ? Will it save capital gain tax ? c) We have only one copy of original death certificate of my father (issued in UP) and they do not issue more copies. d) from where we can get specimen of affidavits/indemnity etc. for submitting to HUDA office ? e) whether there is any time limit for getting these property transferred in our name? f) Whether the said transfer will attract any stamp duty ?