I am a buddhist girl age 25 came down to Tamil Nadu for work on 2011 and my father passed away on 2011 dec. He owned a shop. During my days at work i fell in love with a guy who was a christian and hale from tamil nadu and had even got him introduced to my parents and he also did the same. I stayed with his family as we were suppose to get married by 2012 Jan. But by Dec 2011 my father passed away and he has gone with me to my hometown in order to help me out. He lived with me there for around 7 months and we had also done our court marriage in special marriage. My mother finally decided to sell of the shop due to family dispute done by my other uncle and aunts. As soon as he heard that he gave a lame excuse one day saying that his father got a cardiac arrest and admitted in the hosp. His cousin also called and said the same thing. We made the flight tickets and send him off. But after reaching their he started avoiding my calls and text messages. If i call his parents they would also give the same excuse. So i had to close down the shop and had to do the shifting all by myself as my mother was sick during that time. Me and my mother settled in kolkata where she got admitted in hospital where she got diagnosed with stage 3 thyroid cancer. Hearing all these also he never came down to help. On March 18 2012 she passed away and still he never came down to console me. I started hating him and didnt know whatto do because i did not even have job that time. So Again i applied for a job in tamil nadu and had to go there for the interview and had called him up to give me my documents. He strictly told me not to come to his house and since then i am living all alone and taking care of myself. I have recently found out that he is living abroad. He went there without informing me and to keep you posted we just had small talks that is it in the last three years and never stayed with him nor visited his house. I now want to give divorce to him as i am really tired of it and the kind of trauma he has given me i cannot think of anything else but divorce which i want at any cost. Now what I want to know is that when the court summons him and he does not come for the hearing which i am very sure about, will it be possible for the court to grant and ex parte divorce for me. I cannot bear this person nor his family and nor their inhumanity anymore. I want a DIVORCE... !!!