Domestic Violence

Please help me by suggesting proper way out to my querry without any furthure disputes. Today when I was in washroom getting ready for office. suddenly hurd the beating voice & when out seen my mother is outside the house & my so called cruel father must have again beaten & pushed her out. As i have to come for work at my workplace so couldnt help her that time. Have to leave her in that way.My mom age is 58 yrs & father would have been 62 yrs, since my childhood he had made very practice to beat her. He has also asked my real brother after his marriage to leave the house as he only wants every one does what he wishes to do (influenced by others). Like if other wants make your daughter sleep with them he openly says that also as he do not has any sense of mind in this. I am working but gets very normal payout of Rs.5000/- a month as salary in which cant save & pay for my living. SO have to be dependent on him for fooding & shelter. He is sexuly invoilved with our home maid as there is no sex between my parents from many years. Please help me & today as i know for sure he will not allow me to his house. He wants me & my mother to throw out from his own built property. Please help me for immediate help for shelter & process which I can take. All my documents & other daily necessaties are inside that house in which he is not allowing us. Please suggest being an unmarried girl what I can do legally & moraly as i am the only source of help for myself & my mother, as brother & his wife already cleared is not interested in all this. And my parents are fighting & creating this drama for a want that there son & his wife behaive & take responsibilties as other sons does & take, which they have clearly refused to do.So please help me as i dont know where to take shelter when office gets over & where is my mother gone.