Harrased by In-laws

I am a 26 yr. girl R/O Delhi married to my neighbour in Aprl-2013 without permission of his parents .My parents were agree and organised the marriage. My in-laws were against to this marriage just because I belongs from SC category and my father was not able to fulfil there demands (Dowry).Even then my husband got married to me and because of this my in-laws through out us from their home then we shifted to my fathers flat which was allotted him by GOVT.as he is Govt. employee. But whenever I visit to my parental home which is next to my in-laws home. They always start abusing us and passing inappropriate words related to my caste also ,words and language which they are used impossible to explain to you as a girl. It is really become difficult for me to move in a society. They always threatened me and my parents that they have a uniform power and they can do anything as elder brother in-law is in police. In Nov 13 I tried to raise my voice against all this and called to 100 no. but when police came they put false allegation on my younger brother that he is harassing the senior citizens that time I pull back my compliant to save my brother. And that time they also threatened me that if I will repeat my mistake and in future try to log any complaint against them then they can create a situation due to which my fathers job will spoiled .That's why I log online complaint(25NOV13) in women's helpline but unfortunately no action has been taken till now. After that recently my sister in law started harassing me on social networking website (Facebook)and putting bad statuses on my caste for which I log complaint to local PS but unfortunately my FIR has not logged by them by saying this needs more investigation and against this case my sister-in law log counter blast case on my father and brother for teasing and misbehaving and her FIR has logged due to which we are suffering from many problems although we got a bail from court by proofing that this jus an counter blast case. Please suggest me what action should I take now against them so that they can not harassed me or my parental family anymore. Thanks